It all started with a mad passion for design, beautiful colors, crystals and textures. I dedicated increasingly more time to my passion until it became my everyday work.

In 2014 I decided to launch the brand PINKMOSS and since then it has been the center of my world.

Every piece is like a page from my diary. I put my soul and experiences into my everyday work. When I create, I find myself entering another world, a world with unlimited potential and imagination.

The themes which most inspire me are nature and textures I am in love with the plasticity and the organic shapes found in nature. I work mostly in wax because it gives me the freedom I need to express myself.

I believe in the power of beauty and boldness, I like to work with raw colorful crystals. It totally changes my mood . I also love contrasts, and the energy that it’s created when two opposites merge. I believe that beauty is harmony and I would love to be able to bring it into people’s life.

All pieces are carefully designed by hand with a remarkable attention to details: most items have hidden "treasures" on the back in the form of engraved initials, love symbols or spiritual elements.

I imagine the women wearing my jewelry as being powerful and brave, but also imaginative, sensitive and playful. I like to think that my jewelry empowers and reminds them of their unique way of being.