For any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

1. Can I return a product?

You can return a product within 14 days of its purchase, in the same conditions and package as it arrived.

2. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, for international orders we use DHL.

3. Can I change or cancel my order?

Once the order has been placed, you cannot change it. If so, please contact us at

4. Where are my items shipped from?

The items are shipped from Bucharest, Romania.

5. How much duties and taxes will I be charged when I am located outside of EU?

Taxes and duties depend on your shipping destination. Unfortunately, we are unable to estimate how much you will be charged. We advise you to consult local tax and customs authorities for advice.

6. I do not know my ring size. What can I do?

You can go to a local jewelry store and have your size taken. Please avoid measuring your finger when your hands are cold, it can shrink up to half a size.

7. Do you make custom made pieces?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for further information at

8. Can I engrave my jewelry?

Yes, some of the jewelry can be engraved. Please note that in the comment section when ordering.

9. Can you make a certain jewelry in another color/metal?

Yes, please contact us at with your inquiry.

10. The gold plate is starting to fade, what can I do?

In time, after wearing your piece, the gold plate will eventually come off. This will depend from product to product, your skin PH, exposure, etc. For a small amount we can re-plate your jewelry. Please contact us for further information regarding the price.

11. How long does the gold plate last?

This depends from product to product and several other external influences such as skin PH, how often you wear it, how well you take care of it while wearing and while storing. From our experience earrings last longer than rings, because they are not touched as often and they are less exposed as the hands.